Tuesday , March 2 2021

Mask Company is building a super speed tunnel near Los Angeles.

He was the last step to building a super-fast underground tunnel near Los Angeles, and founder of Space X, Tesla and Ellon Musk.

The Borough Bow Turret Tunnel near Los Angeles was built in the study by American business and inventor Ellon Mask Dwiler. He is about this Reported On Twitter.

"Congratulations to the company that boring at the end of the tunnel! The latest technology!" – Musk wrote.

In April 2017, the Tesla and Spacer companies headed the TED conference and introduced a draft network of tunnels near the United States Los Angeles. These tunnels will have more means of transportation around the city. In each car, the tunnel can pass through special platforms located in various parts of Los Angeles. Cars move on the ground and on automatic platforms. This speed will be brought to around 200 km / hour, depending on the project.

In May, & # 39; Instagram & # 39; On the page First experiments were shown In the hyperlop bullet tunnel near Los Angeles.

He said that the first superfast ground tunnel near Los Angeles is almost ready. According to Elona Mask, the tunnel will open on December 10, this year.

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