Thursday , March 4 2021

Moscow who wants to correct the shape of the nose pierced his skull: Accidents: Russia: Lanta.

A surgical procedure of the nose was cut at the bottom of the reserve skull of Moscow. Reports about Renee TV.

A 25-year-old girl came to a private clinic. During surgery, the surgeon made a wrong manipulation, and as a result, the patient started strangling her neck.

Surgeon told a group of ambulances that the bleeding was a response to the body. Later in the city hospital, this version was not confirmed. The girl had so many activities and now their life is ventilator.

The inquiry committee was interested in this incident. Preliminary investigation was conducted.

On November 14, a resident of the Texas state went to Mexico for plastic surgery. Operation Success – A woman has suffered heart attack due to anesthesiology. The doctors refused to give any medical examination to the relatives of the patients.

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