Monday , May 17 2021

"MTS" and "Megaphone" started changing the free smartphone for a brand new one

Now on the shelves of stores in Russia you can find out the phone from dozens of different brands, whose products are different from each other in name, color, technical equipment, appearance, and many other features. Often, Russians buy false phone models, the day after purchase you want to throw the window. MTS and Megaphone stores allow you to exit the loss of minimal funding from this situation because they have started free exchange of phones.

By December 31, 2018, all people living in Russia have the real chance to use the full free smartphone free exchange. Thanks to companies "MTS" and "Megaphone", which started a special temporary action for their exchange. Everything works smoothly, and only the adult citizens of the Russian Federation, who are ready to submit a passport to process transactions under the law, can take advantage of the offer.

SmartPrice Company has become a partner in special smartphone exchange programs. She is hired to buy and use more of her phone. After that, refurbished smartphones are already sold in different areas of the world, but with a 90 day branded warranty. To exchange your old phone with a new one, you must come up with any MTS or megaphone salon in Russia, then contact the employee and ask for diagnostics.

Four manufacturers – more than hundred models of mobile, Apple, Samsung, LG and Sony's mobile devices – are acceptable for the exchange. Within 5 – 15 minutes, a special communication salon employee will diagnose the phone and call its value, for which SmartPrice is ready to buy it. For example, LG offers 8010 rubles for G6, and Sony Xperia ZZ is estimated to have a good position of 13,530 rubles. If you're satisfied, you can make an exchange deal.

If the new phone costs less than the old one, then the divorce will be completely free, while in other cases the difference will be to pay from your pocket. This is a great opportunity to exchange old smartphones for a new brand, which is available for purchase on exclusive MTS or Megaphone outlets. Earlier, we learned that the Samsung Galaxy S10 flagship smartphone came to Russia.

On December 30, everyone, everyone has the unique opportunity to get Xiaomi Mi AirDots wireless headphones free of charge, which takes only 2 minutes of their personal time.

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