Monday , August 2 2021

Omsk Avangard invited Natalia Oroon to the corporate

Omsk Avangard invited Natalia Oroon to the corporate

Uruguayan singer and actress Natalia Oerro, known to the Russians of Melodrama Wild Angel, shot a video in Balashikha near Moscow. The song is called "Russia with love".

In the story, the actress comes to Orevoo, where she meets with her fans. She gives them clothes and arranges leave for them. Oerro played a part in the song in Russian, and congratulated everyone on the New Year in the final.

In this context, the invitation to the corporate party was shown on the Omsk Invented Hockey Club's Twitter. Athletes responded to the news of the singer's arrival in Bathsheba.

"We got an interesting news! And, by taking this opportunity, Natalia Oerro, maybe you agree to speak at our New Year's party party? This is fun!" – report Twitter Teams

Note that the Omsk Agangdar Hockey team has been forced to do home matches in Balshikha near Moscow after the fall of 2018. The reason was the construction fault in the Arena Omsk.

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