Sunday , September 25 2022

Putin congratulates Gribanshkov and Mashkov on their birthday: Society :: RBC


Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated the founder of the 65th birthday of Aquarium Rock Group, poet and composer Boris Grabenschikov. A congratulatory telegram has been posted on the Kremlin website.

The President noted the special career of Grabensychikov that the works created by the leader of the Aquarium group created the whole world and responded to the heart of millions of fans.

Putin congratulated Moscow's theater actor and artistic director Vladimir Mashkov on the 55th anniversary of the Moscow Theater, Oleg Tobakov's Moscow Theater. "Native, multiple talents, honest dedication to your favorite business can help you [Машкову] Takes place in various creative professions, successfully executes brilliant, extraordinary actors and director's plans, "Putin said.

The President noted the actor's dedication to his teacher-Oleg Tobakov, who died on 12 March. Thereafter, Mashkov took the lead in the theater "Snfox", which was later named.

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