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Putin said that the era of liberalism has passed. What do political philosophers think about this?


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Russian President Vladimir Putin ended the liberal era in an interview with the Financial Times newspaper. In his view, the liberal idea "has exerted themselves completely," and elements such as multiculturalism show their inability.

According to some of his (liberal thoughts), our Western partners acknowledged that some of its elements are simply unrealistic: there are multiculturalism, etc. It is essential to remember the interests of the local population, "- Putin's words are mentioned on the Kremlin website.

"It's not too easy for us, but we're doing, at least we're trying, we're working in this direction, but this generous idea suggests that you do not have to do anything. Protect your rights. Rights – infringement – get a penalty for it. So, this idea itself has become old, and it has come into conflict with the interests of most people of the population, "the President believes.

Did the diligent thoughts really move ahead? Russian service BBC asked about these political theorists.

Abbas Galimov, political scientist

It is known that democracy comes in waves. Each of them is a temporary rollback – while in some countries, authoritarianism temporarily changes democracy. Now this is the rollback period – it came after a democratic wave, which lasted from the early 70s to the beginning of the 2000s.

This time it always comes with the fall of liberalism. So it was in the late 30's and early 60's of the last century. It always ends in a similar way – with new democratic transitions and liberalization of faith in the former dictatorships.

Putin's ratings fall and a significant increase in the number of Russian voters, which we suspect have seen the country's current course in the last year, suggests that the rollback is ending and a new democratic wave will start in the near future. The last one started with "Kranten Revolution" in Portugal, and the current Russia will begin.

Konstantin Hass, sociologist, Moscow high school teacher of social and economic science

Even under Stalin, ideas did not die and were not born on the orders of the head of the state. I do not think that Vladimir Vladimirov has a clear objective, where liberal thoughts are finished and neobarism begins, which criticizes the fact.

Liberalization as a control system, of course, has become obsolete. But there is no relation with generous thinking.


Cause of conflict [масс] With clan groups and their growing disbelief, the clan is cut off from the people. There are no civilians and different people. There are different groups in the society where people are satisfied or not. It will always and always be

In this case, this is not the best explanation for the next round of this myth. The issue is not that the clan is broken by the people, but the fact is that Western countries are not only Western countries, but all the countries since the 2008 crisis have faced challenges that they can not conceive.

Rajesh Scientist, Vaishshael Daniilov, Head of Research Projects at Political Analysis Center

Vladimir Vladimirovich, of course, made the paint slightly thicker and talked so that he could be heard. There is a word – "Putinism". Putinism is silently developed with Vladimir Vladimirovich and his image.

Here Vladimir Vladimirovich's statement about libertarian thinking and liberalism crisis, which naturally not only reflects his viewpoint, but also shows the adequate outlook for the number of political science funded representatives. In theory, it is expressed in this way, ironically, like current Spil's Vladimir Vladimir Whitewyvik, Putin is the current version.

We were constantly taught that there are some problems in Russia, there are some standards of democracy. We were taught that according to the Western model it is necessary to create a political system that prompts the American and European standards and to make a political model of Russia.

And we can see that our teachers harass themselves. That is, the values ​​and standards they imposed on us were not so bad in the crisis. Putin emphasizes in her words the same.

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