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According to People magazine, Hollywood actor Brad Pitt and his partner Charlize Theron are not romanticly involved.

Artists finally watched while working on Brettling watches. Filming, in which actor Adam Driver also took part, took place six months ago. "After that they have not met and have never met. Sources said that information about their romantic relationships is lie.

According to portal's night portal, artists have long been familiar and have good friends. At the same time, none of them are ready for any serious relationship. According to the site's sources, if Pitt decides to meet anyone, he will probably prefer the partner whose performance is not related to cinema.

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00:11September 21, 2016

On January 20, information was received in the Sun newspaper that Brad Pitt and Charlize Theron were found. It was said that his relationship began on Christmas after he was introduced by Sean Penn.

In 2014, Brad Pitt married Angelina Jolie. The couple has six children, three of whom are adopted. In September 2016, the actress filed for divorce. It was noted that Jolly was unhappy with her spouse's methods of raising children.

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