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Russian national team predicted from legionaries: football: sports: lenta.ru


Former Russian football coach and coach Sergi Jurán was against the challenge of Ari in the Brazilian national team. His words are given by Rusfootball.info.

"Of course, we are not Switzerland, so we are too many legionaries, but because we have chosen this path, we will have a sixth, seventh, and ten leonese soon," he said.

At the same time, it does not seem to be an alternative in a specialist attack, considering the leg of Aurea justified from a sporting perspective. "I do not think Stanislav Chelov wanted to invite big foreign players to the national team, what should they do when a football player compared them to them? The situation can be worse with our children," he continued.

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00:00March 29

Stanislav Chernov

On November 12, he joined the Brazilian striker's team of Krasnodar. The decision of the coaching staff of the national team was mixed. Especially, Russian Russian striker Roman Pavlophenko refused to see games with Ari.

Brazilian is fifth in the Brazilian Russian national team. German Roman Nestor, Konstantin Rouh, Brazilian players marineto Gilherm and Mr. Fernandes played.

Chelsev said he was not ready to call the Brazilian team at the start. The arrangement was made because of Zenit forward Artem Dzyuba's injuries. Cherchechov pointed out that Ari was receiving Russian citizenship on her own.

On November 15, the Russian team will organize a Test match against Germany. On November 20, the League of Nations will be a welcome welcome.

From 1992 to 1999, the Russian national team was represented. At the club level, Forward is famous for his performance in Dynamo Kev, Spartak Moscow, Benfica and Sturm Austrian in Lisbon.

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