Tuesday , June 22 2021

Russian poet claims that Russian stole a movie News

Soviet films were created by Ukrainians, says Tatyana Malakhowa, author of poetry and screenwriter. They made such a statement through the lecture "Foreign and Ukrainian Language" in Lew, whose video was published on YouTube.

"You do not have any idea how many Ukrainians created Soviet films, but this achievement, as usual, owns Russia," she quoted RIA Novice on Monday, November 19.

While studying in the university, Rostov went to the Russian drama field. The Russian language was not there to hear, because every native had spoken Ukrainian.

Tatianaala Malakhowa was born in 1963 in Kharkiv region. From childhood, the parents moved to Golcolo. Yevgeny Petrosian, wrote sketches and smoms for Verka Serbsi. TV She is known also in the series "Carmelite", "Ranetki" and "Angel on duty" scripts. After years, Malkhov worked in Moscow, but later returned to Ukraine.

In June, a former deputy Irenaea Fahrenheit of Verkhovna Rada in Ukraine is known for intolerance of Russian language. Every Russian speaker would call the Ukrainians "to be thrown into the jaws".

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