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Russians Scarters won three Grand Prix stadiums in Moscow

Moscow, Nov. 18. Task /. On Saturday, the Russian stage of Grand Prix ended in skydering at Figo. Athletes have shown athletic programs and distribution seats at the end of the tournament.

Alina Sagitova, Augustine Stepanova and Ivan Bookin also won the women's singing skating. Iwenia Tarasova and Vladimir Morozov became the best sports couple. Yusur Hania of Japan took first place in men's single skating.

We think the best of all of our videsikaluteyum Participants, organizers, trainers, coaches, judges, and many maskeayil matanniyettumennan again in the tournament, "- the Russian Federation of Fear skating skating of the Secretary-General Alexander Kogan said. – Russian women in the first place and skirrar Women's singles, pair skating, dancing and took For naught. Unfortunately, all that has happened to our people, but in the near future, I hope to have the opportunity to correct this situation prayeajanappetuttumenn. "

Hania has won the injury

Chania's loyal fans went early in the morning to their expertise – at 7:45 pm, the current Olympic champion witnessed the injury, and he was surrounded by a leg while playing a quad Ribeberger. But with the behavior of the snow capped the Japanese, he explained that he was right, and in time he joined the job in a free program. It was noteworthy that the Japanese were not easy with two kinds of serious errors. Grannik's Russian stadium, Haniaik got 167.89 points. Hania has scored a total of 278.42 points.

Only Japanese journalists have arrived with drugs. The victory in Moscow was given huge sacrifices. "I was not sure if I was going for skating, I decided to skate because I respect Russia and Russian dance system," said Skadder, "when I was skeptical, it was a barrel of swamp and my knees on the floor.

After a successful short program, Michial Coloda wanted to rehabilitate himself. But when released, a unilateral program had no Russian reserve power, and so many mistakes were made for skating. "Short after the program, it was hard for me, physics needed me, but I had to do some work," Scatter said.

Kolia was fourth with 225.42. Andre Luscin (215.78) and Artem Dmitri (189.58) won seven and 11 places respectively.

According to Russian coach Oleg Vasilievie, responsibility for responsibilities puts pressure on Russian scams. "Our boys do a lot of things – for everyone, you must have all, as they are difficult to get to Hania yukyuru, gold and all the boys appreciate them, and what they need to overload, ninnalkkearupat before the Olympics, or keep them in severe cases, or in all of them vittukeatukkukaya To do, but today we have a democracy of men's skating, "said the specialist.

Triumph Sagitamo, the eye of self-construction

Winners can expect only from Sagoto in Moscow. Alicina has scored 222.95 points. Olympic Champion Olympic champion was short after the world record of Short Program. That has led itself to criticism. "Performance is not very good, but I am happy that all the monopoly members have been able to collect, and the last jump has failed, it's inadequate, and I will work more," Zagato said.

Famous journalists fell on the knee and taped the tap of a right leg of the scatter. The athlete said it was the outcome of the body's growth after success in Pyongchang. "When a person grows up, the load is in the same condition, it can start to hurt the body, but you have to overcome it," Zagato said.

Odinochnik competitions took the most unexpectedly Sophia Samodurova (198.01 point) in the second place, and recently became the adult scooters scores. Their own rent, high result, physical and emotional fatigue has had a strong influence on the scores of young men. After the match, she did not tear her eyes when she was communicating to journalists. Coach Samdraua Alexi Mischin said, this season a student is expecting a real breakthrough.

South Korean player Lim Young Zhu (185.67) is in third place. Another Russian women's Polyno Tsurskaya is ranked eighth (149.45).

Before the final heal

The sports couple, Ignania Tarsova and Vladimir Morez, have also been placed in the final of the Grand Prix. At the same time, athletes became worried before free programs. During the morning training, Tarsova appeared on the sketch of Alexander Corowa and turned his face toward the fallen face. As a result, a athlete's morale began to be started under a surgical knife – the Moscow Stage joined seven pits.

Before the inaugural World Athletics Championships in Finland, Tarsova and a Skate Blade accidentally defeated the rival. Tarsova suffered a disaster in March this year. She won a bronze medal in Helsinki.

If you do not participate in the 2017 Olympic Games, the coach will help you get the most important security margin in the world cup and the Olympic medal for Olympic Medal Personal Trailer. For morbidity, ensuring morals is easy to cope with, and athletes will be more confident.

Russian athletes scored 220.25 points for the overall and free event. It was second from Italy's Nicolò delella Monica, Matta Guaris (203.83), Daria Pavilenko of Russia and Dennis Khodkin (190.01). Another Russian couple – Alisa EPIMA and Alexander Cororum – reached fifth place (181.62).

Stepanova and Bookie are preparing for a big success

In Moscow stadium, Russian dancers Alexander Stepanova and Ivan Bukie crossed the world record in the Free Sky program (124.94 points). Previous stars Madison Habel was the forerunner of Zakari Dneha (122.39). The Russians gained 199.43 points as a result of two events, winning preparations for the upcoming start.

It was very important for athletes trained by Irina Sukk and Alexander Savin. They have no reason to miss the chance to participate in the Pyongyang games. "Then they shot and shot," said Beat Taz, in an interview. That means it can not vanish from memory. But the athletes were like: "All these things have passed and they are ready to fight for the major international matches."

Spaniards Sarah Hartado and Kirill Hiaauva (174.42) finished second in Moscow and Americans Krina Caria and Antony Ponorarenko (174.21). The Russians were Sophia Idokkomova, Yegor Basin IV (164.66), Anabel Morozoa, Andre Bugin (Ninth)

The last phase of the series will take place in French Grenoble for a week.

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