Monday , March 1 2021

Russia's record score in World Records: Winter Sports: London

Russian-born Ignania Tarsova, Vladimir Morozov, participated in a short concert of sports juniors in Granthree, Moscow. The Torts reports.

They both got 78.47 points. Italy, Nicole Della Monica, and Mato Guaría, respectively. Third Russians are Daria Pavluchenko and Dennis Khodakin (69.38).

The free skate will be on Saturday November 17th.

Earlier in the day, women's single skater won the Yusur Humaniya Award in 110.53 points.

Tarsova and Morozov have won silver medals at the 2018 world championships in the 2018 world championships and won silver medals at the 2017 world championships. They also won a Grand Prix this season.

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