Monday , June 5 2023

Salvation from heart attack and heart attack


American experts reached this conclusion. Prior to this, they conducted two major studies.

Finally, they survived a stroke.

In the first study, there were about 8,000 people. Some of them took a drug to maintain their health. Others are a special acid extracted from fish oil. The mortality rate in the second group is quite rare, with a heart attack and a heart attack.

During the second study, 26,000 participated. Each part of them gave a gran of a new drug diluted from fish oil. Contains Ecocophenaeque and Docoochexenic Acids. The team examined led to the fact that a heart attack reduced by 28%.

Scientists point to another substance of fish oil. After post traumatic disorder, it can reduce the effects of stress.

Fish oils are very safe. In particular, it is useful for inability to include fresh fish dishes in their regular meals.

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