Friday , March 31 2023

Samarra's latest news program News News reported that Kirkorov, the only one in the protest movement, is a missile defense city in the Samara sector.


He was the "king of the British scene"

He went to the famous celebrity with a concert People's Artist of the Russian Federation Philip Kirkorot. Prior to the musical score, the musician decided to relax and watch the film "Bohemian Rafidi".

How did the locals express their opinions? Residents: "The king of the Russian scene went to the king of the British scene."

Film screening singer All alone, the filmmaker did not need to stop the musician.

– We were incredibly pleased with this Unexpected guest. Philip Bidirovich liked us and MTL Arena will participate in a great mood, "she said in soft tan.

Remember the concert As part of the journey he went to MTL Arena. Show laconic name "I".

Appreciating concert tickets From 1 200 to 6 thousand rubles. Rejoiced the audience.

After the concert Philip Bidorovich One of the most famous restaurants in Samarra. Church staff members responded very warmly to the artist. The details of the popular artist's man revealed.

– Beef Tartar with spies, The steak of dried tomatoes, quail eggs and hot star range from everyone's favorite steak, Filet Magnone has decreased, "the user says phkdigest.

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