Wednesday , July 28 2021

Scientists: There is no liquid water on Mars

Early accusations of water on the Red Planet were false and were due to false data processing.

Caltech scientists based in the USA made an exciting statement. They have denied their claim that there is liquid water on Mars. False conclusions about the existence of life on the Red Planet was due to the inappropriate process of data obtained by the Interplanetary Station Mars Reconciliation Orbiter.

Experts explain: It turns out, the presence of hydrated salt on Mars has mistakenly identified the device. Thus, in some areas on the planet where previously believed to be water, it is completely dry and inanimate in fact.

On the map of Mars, new discoveries have been done during the search of Hydrated Perklorates scientists. Maps were created based on information obtained through visible and nearby infrared spectrometer. Perchlorates reduce the cooling point of water to 80 degrees Celsius, which indicates the existence of liquid water in the Martin environment.

Now scientists are working on a more specific method of parocharite validation, which is not based solely on spectral data.

Earlier, the Pittsburgh Diary reported that scientists have discovered the "secret ingredient" of life in the universe.

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