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Semacu: After the winter, the Coconut is in sync with Saturn

Semacu: After the winter, the Coconut is in sync with Saturn


Zenit head coach Sergey Seamac He also spoke about the challenges facing St. Petersburg for the upcoming friendly of Shalki 04 on November 18.

"First of all, we have to think about who we consider in the near future." After somebody has been injured, many youngsters are preparing us, it's always better to play than training, especially at our stadiums, and it's a great opportunity for us to play with a strong team. For young footballers, a competition for Shalkey is a valuable experience, and unfortunately, Smolnikov will not work with the team and he does not play.

For us, this contest is never a reboot, but analysis is part of our work. It is important to deal with a low loss. We will think how to reduce the risk of loss of points. No functional pit, it actually does not exist. It is impossible for all 20 players to get depressed. But a complicated schedule has been facing the backdrop of fatigue in the background, so the whole team seems to be the same.

Of course, we were just waiting for Cochran. That will benefit us. On my part, I believe that I will wait until I die. After winter breaks, we hope to be with us – do what you can and do. We really want one of the teachers, Cocorin.

We are preparing for every opponent. But we need to understand that the structure of "Scholsk" There are many players left to the national team, so a bigger rotation. I am from Shakhki and Driussi. Dziuba is involved in an individual program. I hope to help the national team in the competition from Sweden and Senate. Asked by the championship writer Anatolio Romano, "says Seamak, who is participating in the national team's medical competition.

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