Wednesday , July 6 2022

Svechnikov 2 Assin, made "Carolina" – "Chicago" – hockey


Andre Savichnovov won the forward "Carolina" and won 2 assists in the competition "Chicago" (3: 2).

In the third period, he supported Michael Ferrand. It was even allowed to score. Sebastian Aho aimed overtime.

I spent a total of 15 minutes 25 seconds, using it (0:29 – the majority of "-1" utilization) for three purposes and 1 power. Statistics regarding losses and interventions – 3: 1.

We add that in 2 out of 3 of the blackboxes are related to violations against Schneco. Jordanian martin was silenced after Brent Zipk's violation of 18 years. A minor error was punished.

In the 18 matches of the season, the "3rd" utility was dotted with the second number 8 (4 + 4) point of the Draft -2018.

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