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The group requested that the data produced by the Internet resource be removed through the new Yandex rating. The company believes that Jindex will speculate with data about the company, as it is a player in the advertising market.

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Mail.Ru Group refused to participate in the latest rankings of the largest sites created by Yandex, and requested to remove all the internet projects from it. This specifies the message in the mail group that RBC received.

Mail.Ru Group believes Yandex is commercially interested in the results of a new device. "If the market is the biggest player of the Russian advertising market, this market is a little bit less and the interest of the company is so big – as TV channels have been rated and published by TV ratings," reports Mail Group's report.

Yandex.Radar Project is public attendance rating of over 10,000 Internet projects (business, auto, health etc.). On November 12, the company announced the announcement of the new product. With this tool, you can get less data and more traffic data, time spent on the Russian pages page, etc. The new device will use advertisers primarily through the hand of audiences in the hand and audience of a particular resource calculated in the Yandex. .

The FT found a discussion on a Sberbank deal on Yandex for a cup of tea

Calculates the number of monthly projects based on the overall data obtained by Yandex Browser, its extensions, Yandex.Metrica and AppMetrica products. Valid values ​​provided for projects that allow use of these metrics and AppMetrica, daily attendance, audience participation, and average time spent on site. For other projects, the approximate estimate derived from the mathematical model indicated.

Mail.Ru believes that an objective situation does not reflect the data obtained from Yandex's own projects, which measure the dimensions of Yandex's most loyal audience. "In its present form, the project does not sell nearly all major international stars (Google, Facebook, or Expex), as well as the Russian MetricCounter counterpart:" Mail Ru, Odnoklasniki, Viktanka, Yandex, and other major sites that are competitive in various fields of the company, "- RBC Mail.Ru Group He said.

Jandex and copyright owners signed an anti-piracy memorandum

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The company has asked the company to remove data from its Yandex.Radar rating and its media projects. Such as Mail, Portal Mail, Root, Vancougate, Odnoklasniki, Games, and other resources on the Holding. "Do not share a rating on any Internet site, regardless of whether or not Yandex counter is installed." Mail.Ru.

Rambler Group, in turn, rated it in favor of Yandex.Radar. The origin of this device "helps the market's interests," said Maxim Thadovski, deputy general director of Rampal Group. "For various market partners, the request for a transparent tool for determining audience indicators, combined with different mobile Internet platforms, mobile and desktop based on different audiences, can actually determine one's presence in these situations," he said.

RBC sent a request for Yandex's rendering service on Mail.Ru Group.

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