Sunday , August 7 2022

The company, Elona Mask, has built the first high-speed tunnel


Under Mask's plans, rapid roads will be a great change to the normal roads [видео]

The underground highway would be a great change to the normal roadsThe underground highway would be a great change to the normal roadsPhoto: REUTERS

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The construction of a new transport system was first completed by Hyperloop Los Angeles near the tunnel. Within a month, the company will present its first underground, which will become an alternative for future public transportation.

In addition to selling electric vehicles and investing in rocket construction, the Al-Muzak project was set up by a boring company. It is built on a network of tunnels using the capsules of the journey and the alternate vacuum trains. It will be used as a form of public transport.

According to his report Twitter Adding a rotating video ring in a target sheet to "The Boring Company Passed Into Another Way!"

Ionlon Musk will take over high speed tunnels near the loan angle.They will help prevent traffic norms.

Along with all official permits, additional agencies and authorities, Muscat plans to build new public transport systems within a city. In addition, the travel ticket costs will be approximately $ 1 according to a preliminary estimate from different areas.

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