Monday , March 27 2023

The world's first crypto-implicit Swiss lounge was launched


Amun Crypto traded at six Swiss exchange under "HOD" ticket for ATP 6 weeks.

The first stock exchange in the major exchange exchanges on the Swiss exchange would be the first crypto. The Exchange Traded Product preserves the track of 5 major Google cropconsions. Likewise 2.74%, Bitcoin Cash (which is due to the use of new Hard Fox Network, Bitcoin ABC most likely) is dominant in any currency based on the hashtied) – 3.74%, and broadcast – 16 and 39%, in the recent period, the second place in the case of capitalization – 29%. This tool is designed by Amen AG to start the cryptoccrotation.

When a investor buys ETP shares, managers buy an appropriate cryptococcus stopping it in an unsafe voltage. The advantage of this product can not be used by Investor firms to invest in investor firms, limited investments, investments and investments. "Those who can not function in cryptocurrency exchanges due to local regulatory restrictions can enter the digital market," he explained. All these 2.5 per cent of the annual commission is set up for asset management.

Although this company is now resident in Switzerland, Rushan is in favor of a country for implementing the CrownPron-EPT launch plan, which is expected to open other geographical zones in the future.

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