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Thieves in law decided to abandon their main principle – URARU


Oleg Shishkonov, the criminal right at the trial, to select a preventive action by the Basmani District Court in Moscow. Moscow, Defendant, Police, Arrest, Bar, Prisoner, Dock, Bailiff, Defendant, Police, Law Thief, Convoy, Oleg Shishnikov, Shishkan

For criminal rights status in Russia, you can get up to 15 years in prisonPhoto: Vladimir Andreev © ERA.RU

News from the Conspiracy

Thief confrontation in the law

Criminal officers decided not to go to prison for 15 years to give up their titles. The report was cited by Rosebolt, citing law enforcement sources.

Law enforcement officials said on condition of anonymity that if Mafioso leaves his title in writing and reports two offenses not disclosed in writing, he may be "excluded from the law," law enforcement officials said on condition of anonymity. Was.

Criminal responsibility for leadership in the criminal hierarchy appeared in April. To condemn the authorities, law enforcement must have a proper card in the Ministry of Internal Affairs's database, indicating that the victim is a "thief in the law", as well as the testimony of two witnesses.

Previously, Olag Mukametsin, known as Mukha Lubertsky in a criminal environment, was the first in Russia to step down as a thief in the law. He was detained when he wanted to fly with his wife on vacation. After the Authority relinquished his office, they communicated with him and released him. Experts said his colleagues could now deal with him to break "principles."

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