Tuesday , January 26 2021

"Tired old woman!": Baronvaska who was 15 years old and had an error with aging

Trace is not left by youth and leading attraction.

Yulia Barnowsky gained fame after Scandive Divorce with Andrei Arshwin. Then the football player's wife did not shine brightly and looked like a gray mouse. Later, the stylist was able to make "candy" from Barnawakawaya – she fell in love with many viewers of Channel 1, and not with her amazing looks, but her live character too.

But it concluded that the perfect beauty of Yulea Barnowska was a profitable and unstable, even the presenter did not decide to hide. TV host shared pictures, which denies cosmetics and photo editing. And if some photos seem to be just as appealing to the fans, then other freer Yulea Barnowski's personal secrets are revealed.

In fact, because celebrity was mistaken in the viewpoint, she was 15 years old in the picture, which was registered by the followers. "A tired old woman!" Critics commented that a 33-year-old woman with professional makeup and expensive face should not look so bad.

It seems that the uninterrupted life of Baronosky, three small children are cared for, they feel exhausted on their face and only expression of old age. But the honor of the leader is reluctant to hide his life, time, emotions, and the natural traces of external exterior fossils.

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