Monday , September 27 2021

Ululia Samoa tells of the death of a godly devotee

"Julia wrote on her official Instagram page:" … on November 9, 2018, I learned about the weekend. In a terrible car accident, for a moment, Tema of my little Godson was not a close friend of Christina.

Remember that Julia Samoa had failed to make the best result in the final Eurovision Song Show. There were three in the car – a man and a son.

Julia, the song dedicated to the dead, said.

For the mood of Ulya Samoa, her agent or husband's husband is feeling. At least three people were killed in an accident: a man, a woman and a child. Julia Samolova, who represented the Russian Federation in Eurovision in 2015, shared with her social network fans the tragedy in her life. Instagram uses photos and images in a black background instead of 2 parts. "360" about this channel was said by Vasily. The singer said about the death of Godson and his close friend. "May Jehovah give you strength to get rid of all his relatives.

"Write Your Way, My Angels," or Julia Samoa.

"Only hateful comments from people in the tragedy." Unable to communicate with anyone at the moment.

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