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"Unthinkable character!" – Wife clearly about leaving Makaroska :: Show business ::


Anton McKarski and Victoria Morozova are considered to be the corresponding pair. However, there was a difficult time in her marriage. One day, the singer almost left her lover.

In 1999, a romantic relationship between them started. Thereafter, Victoria Morozova was a popular singer, and Anton McKarski was at the very beginning of his acting career. Many friends tried to eradicate the singer from marriage with a new vocalist.

However, after the success of the series "Gaurav Nastya", beloved changed places. The artist went to the shadows for a while, while the actor became incredibly popular. Anton Makarsky showed more and more difficult character.

In the release of Starhit, the artist's words state that, "At that time, we had fought a lot in the first year of the relationship, I had actually left three times. We were so hard that it was impossible."

The singer himself confirms that bouts often occur between them. After the second conflict, Victoria Morozova left home almost. However, the singer changed his mind at the last moment.

"It's an impossible character, so one day I even wanted to leave." Antony's own mother does not stand, I remember how she said to her husband: "If VICA leaves you, then I will also be released. "

Now the wives do not have a pragmatic fight. Their lives changed dramatically after the birth of their children. In 2012, her daughter Maria was born, and after three years, boy Ivan

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