Saturday , April 1 2023

Video: Zagato performed in Moscow in 'Lakra Croft' – Championship | 1 km


Olympic champion in Russian women's scooter Aleena Zagato In the fifth stadium of the Grand Prix series, an exhibition was conducted after the end of the competition in Moscow.

Magazine performed the "Lara Croft" for the music composer of Im a Survivor, which opened from a new section to the winner of the Russian stage. A sports woman who changed her dress code in a leather suit. During her performance, her jacket had been abandoned.

In Moscow, the world record has been modified in a small program. Only when playing a triple leap is wrong. At the end of the Grand Prix series, two winners took the match in the final of the competition at Vancouver, Canada (December 6-9).

Video is available on YouTube's first channel page.

Sagittao failed in Japanese. But she can buy kihira – a dangerous thing. Anina is already defeated. But the Olympic champion feels particularly upset. I would like to believe it.

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