Monday , June 5 2023

8 programs for 114 beneficiaries in day-to-day care in Riyadh


Citizen – Riyadh

DIPLOMATIC Sector For Day and Care Center in Riyadh has organized eight programs for the disabled in the last two months.

Discuss the first of these programs, women's rights, women's rights, 50 beneficiaries of the Saudi system, women's rights, women's rights, marriage, almsgiving, custody, sentencing, criminal procedures and child protection.

A training workshop was organized for the 40 beneficiaries from the Physiotherapy Department of the specialized Naur Al-Dosari, which included the right ways of handing over cases of disabilities and the treatment of each case, and has organized many educational and educational activities in the past, Apart from receiving a number of public education schools by participating H5 volunteer teams, the Center's role and its services and entertainment are also organized.

The center has 24 children parked in parks, commercial markets and other gaming centers.

The Dairy Care Center is a branch of Labor and Social Development Ministry of the Riyadh Dy. Care Center for Special Groups in Diploma and Human Resource Development. 27 children with 27-year-old children aged 2 to 14 years old, 27 children between 12 and 12 years of age, all essential education and treatment.