Saturday , October 1 2022

A citizen stole 35 civilians with a delicate tactic


A citizen stole 35 civilians with a delicate tactic

After complaining to the bank customers, it was caught

Citizen – Hafar Al Batin

Due to the interruption of electricity supply, the customer stole 35 bank accounts from Al-Batin Governor's ATM and stopped and the current accused were able to commit the accused for crime when the customer entered the card.

The lawyer explains that some bank customers had filed complaints about theft of their property, and ATM cameras were reviewed after receiving information from them and the accused's tactic was identified in the theft.

The defendants were arrested, occupying approximately 50 ATM cards for customers from some locations.

Public prosecution emphasized that the robber's culprit can be sentenced to three years imprisonment for a criminal offense for stealing money from the customers' balances of Huffer Al-Batin.

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