Wednesday , March 3 2021

A shocking study … passes the emotions of negative parents to children genetically

Recently a medical study revealed that a father can move his son from a non-traditional path. That is, human life can be created by the attitudes they face in their lifetime, but they may be an old tradition without a single income.

Researchers from brain scientists say the study "Sky News Arabia" Some of the lungs associated with the diabetes mellitus of the brain are the changes in human sperm and in the future children have an impact.

In order to confirm this effect, researchers rely on a test sample of tested eleses that put pressure and pressure on non-exit tubes, and in the second stage adopted sperm from sperms and used women to fertilize.

"The researchers found that mice born from adults' parents tickle these problems before mice and their offspring are very healthy.

Researcher Chris Morgan says that fertilization ability to transfer my father's memory to the fetus is a high probability. The site, quoted as "scientific American", confirms this has been avoided.

Scientists are thoroughly studied in this study to understand the nature of human beings, and to treat its disorders by carefully diagnosing the causes.

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