Monday , May 29 2023

Ahmad Shukuri's "thoughts" fell into the snare of "Playboy" when Muhammad's Salah ignored him.


Egyptian national footballer Muhammad Salah was surprised by the Egyptian team
Liverpool fans have posted pictures using a mask on Twitter
Playboy magazine has a black shirt with the logo of the world's most popular porn magazine.

Mohammed Salah raised a curse against defenses
Asked by his followers to hide this slogan "inappropriate" through the social networking site
Or delete this picture because it is not logical, especially among young men and children in many young people and children
The Arabs consider him a model.

Magazine "Playboy" or "Boy
Flight "is an American porn magazine founded by" Hugh Hefner. "
The first one was in 1953. It is considered one of the sexiest magazines in the world
It has now been released in 30 countries. Grandfather's "rabbit head".

Saudi journalist Ahmed al-Shukrii said
Episodes of the famous "Khawar" story in the magazine "Playboy" confirm its founder
The idea to publish a magazine containing naked women "crystallized"
The head of the rabbit took a logo and was taken to fifty.

Play "Shookyri" magazine
20 million copies are sold in the world
Magazine founder Hugh Hefner's home is one of the landmarks of Hollywood
Many people are looking forward to visiting him. Some people think it's normal, some think that there is no problem
But this is an example for his success in achieving a success in the pursuit of his idea.

Young men in the house "Shakespeare warned
The use of slogans means wearing or dressing Arabian slogans,
Because a person expresses his personality and his work, and that person is wearing an inadequate slogan
It promotes what does this logo look like, or does not know what it's saying.

Ahmed Schumacher message to young people at home
Al Arabi, now an Arabian star of the Egyptian team, is Salah through the program "Khawar"
Liverpool warned al-Shuqiere earlier that "Salah"
He does not know what he means of the embedded logo, so he has a quick response
His audience is apologies, but if he knows the meaning of the word "logo", it is intentionally expressed
It's a real tragedy for many young people to consider it as an example and a good example.

No need to worry about this text
Salah was not contested from the account of Twitter and Facebook.
Though there are some criticisms and angers in the picture.

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