Saturday , April 1 2023

Amiar of NonPeter Alih in Riyadh: proud of this area, rejoices at a decent meeting of the leader of the nation, and the world has prepared for his wisdom and insight


Aamir Aheer: Glory in this area, rejoices at a qualifying meeting in the country, which the world has prepared for his wisdom and insight

Salman bin Abdul Aziz Saud, Salman bin Abdul Aziz, prince of the palace, the crown prince, the defense minister and the defense minister were welcomed by Prince Rajakumar Abdul Aziz bin Saad bin Abdul Aziz welcomed the gathering. In the Hayle area.

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He added that his pride and insight will be met with the leader of the world in which he is invited to meet the world. To start development projects to visit Karima and to build new projects that will benefit the country and the region. Karimi has given respect. .

Emir of the observation pointed out that powerful statues of unity between common and unity have been translated into the emotions of natural people. It gives a message to everyone who seeks to unite and secure the mother country.

The Amiens of Aleppe offered cenotaphs to the Crown Prince in two holy places and his royal princess. Their generous backing and support for their future generations and their future generations by establishing a firm stand on the development of the country. To protect the country's security, prosperity and tranquility.

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