Saturday , June 19 2021

Amr al-Laiti takes the initiative and initiates "Unconsciousness" and offers a smile to Garman with "one of the People" Program (Video)

Dr. Am al-Lauthi has been wiping out a "one" garment family and his ban on drugs, while Garma's next work, Jose Arski, is working on one of the main characters, "one in ten matters, and one in junior day".

The lady who tried to sell and sell electronic equipment tried to sell them. That too knew about renting her apartment. But rarely this is 15 thousand pounds. Al-Lati said that he had ruled over a period of four years.

Al-Layaid launched an "Unconsciousness" project and collaborated with the Egyptian Association of Integrated Development Cooperation, saying: "Praise, let us pay the money for Umm Saif."

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