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Buy and Sell in All Banks .. Saudi Rial Price Against £ 17-8-2019 on Saturday – Stars in Egypt


Seen Saudi Rial Price Today the pound in all banks in connection with the official holiday in the banks against the absolute stability, because all the currencies of the Egyptian pound against other currencies have become subject to supply and demand and usually change, because of the increase in value against the Egyptian pound in the official working days or Reduce, where it is registered. On average Saudi rial exchange rate Bank Alex settled in Alexandria to sell EGP 39.3939 for EGP 45.45 4. and EGP 38.4343 for EGP 38.3838.

According to recent reports in the banks, Saudi rials were stable against the pound, where the Egyptian Gulf Bank recorded the highest price of the pound at 41.41 pounds, while the Arab African international recorded the lowest selling price of the rial at £ 43.4343, and the Saudi national bank saw the Saudi rial. Stabilizing at £ 39.4939 for £ 43.4343 for sale.

Saudi Rial Price

Record Saudi Rial Price Bankudi recorded EGP 44.41 for sale for EGP 44. for for, while Bank Mixer recorded 39.3939 for EGP 43.4343, while United Bank recorded 38.38 for EGP. At Al Baraka Bank, the cost to buy a rial was 47.47 માટે for selling EGP 34. was34.

The bank Buy Sale
Bank udi d 4.41 4.44
Bloom Bank EYYYPT 4.41 4.44
Suez Canal 4.4 4.44
Credit Agricole 4.39 4.44
National Bank of Egypt 4.39 43.4343
Bank of Egypt 4.39 43.4343
Bank of Alexandria 4.38 43.4343
United Bank 4.38 43.4343
Mashreq Bank 4.39 4.44

At Commercial International Bank, it was frozen at 39.3939 pounds at 4.443 pounds, while the Central Bank of Egypt recorded 41.4141 pounds for selling at 4.444 pounds.

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