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Corruptions in Google are more powerful


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Knight's network Google employees have more freedom to discuss sexual harassment issues with the company.

Responding to the request of 20,000 employees last week, Google said it would end the "compulsory settlement" in a sexual assault case. Internal settlement is now optional in an email message sent to CEO Sundar Pichai employees of the company.

How does Metaphysical Visuals affect women's working conditions?

However, if the Google staff requests did not respond in other major cases, the company did not respond to the employer's request to promote the compromise and comply with the compulsory representation and represent the chief executive directly.

"We're really sorry"

"In the past two weeks, I and the managers of the company listened to your comments and were impressed with the stories you shared with us, and we understand that we have not been right in the past, and we apologize for that," Bitch said.

Google has never asked for a secrecy to settlement proceedings, but for many reasons (such as maintaining privacy) may be the best way, but we must recognize that it is elected, be yours ".

France is first penalizing the street sexual abuse

The new initiatives will increase transparency for sexual abuse, expand the mandatory training cycle and support the complaints, "Google Executive Director said.

Things you can not know about Google

"Compulsory settlement" means that workers should be accorded to their complaints without being legally bound by their agreements and that some legal observers call it an "internal system".

Hierarchical hierarchy system

But a permanent technical staff corporation, backed by supporters of the last week, has not produced results that require permanent employees, especially permanent employees. "Sodar ignored the request of employees for various types of temporary contracts, and protected them against sexual harassment of more than half of Google employees and provided them more protection," an alliance spokesman said.

"This e-mail is about to dismiss employees of temporary contracts, which represent Google's hirarchical system, and staff and colleagues are not able to protect it," it is shocking to see a company that loves a nomination, to maintain the dignity of the employees. All employees of Google are working to strengthen their employees' strength. "

How do you avoid the "hidden secrets" of others?

Participation in Google dealing with Google's sexual harassment issue will help remove a secretive system and cause 90 million high-level engineers to be dismissed, and if one of his colleagues has a "right-wing complaint" about his inappropriate behavior, it is propagating.

The company said 48 other people, including 13 top officials involved in sexual abuse cases, have been expelled over the past two years.

Employees of another company may require removal from Google to stop compulsory settlement of sexual harassment issues. Obama and Microsoft have canceled this operation.

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