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Dina Sherbini's dress raises doubts about her pregnancy


Dina Sherbini's dress raises doubts about her pregnancy

Source: Syed Al-Tamuvi – ARM News

Egyptian actress Dina El-Sherbini has created a controversy among her followers on "entrepreneur" and generally in media sites, because she has shown her stomach a little too heavy due to the recently published picture.

After participating in the 2018 Formula 1 World Championship, Dina took part in the event with singer Amar Diab in Dubai.

She wore her left foot, as well as an open red dress from sunglasses, and put her hand to hide her stomach, which looked a little spots.

The public generated suspicion in the picture and she raised questions about her pregnancy, and some expressed her desire for her safety and expressed her desire to come to a good health, although she did not disclose her marriage from the ground.

Dina Al-Sharbini's controversial look comes together with strong news about her secret marriage from the band, some of whom suggested for Deb due to their presence in any event or artistic event.

In the comments on the image of Dinah: "Make sure all the corals are not the right holder" and "God makes you a safety lover and responds to the birth of the moon," and "there is ani and anywhere … what is the relationship between you and Amar al-Balzbat. Love is no humanity, no permission, no harm. "

It is noteworthy that the Amar Dyab released Sherbini publicly during the concert: "She is the thief's rude actress Oe Bitsskf, and she exists, but Hugni Mein."

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