Tuesday , January 19 2021

Early photos featuring next iPhone version 2019 with next Rear camera

According to the digital site's exclusive news article, Apple is working on a similar approach to the launch of three different versions on the phone next to the iPhone 2019; According to the site, the next version will have a different design of the iPhone's look and rear camera, where the previously released pictures are located within the square shape of the rear-facing camera in the rear of the iPhone; Two of these iPhone versions are vertically underlined each other, and the third is located in the middle of the right from the right.

"We can say that these images can be found with Apple's invention to increase the rear camera's technical capabilities. A report by Bloomberg stated that the company is working on adopting 3D-TOF technologies in its next chipsets with the help of Sony's sensors, the 3D camera To focus on object shots, to speed up 3D objects, to track objects in the dark by laser beans and It measures how long it takes to bounce. Connection to the sensor.

The website points out that these designs are initial images which can already be replaced by Apple, especially we are standing for nine months after the official date, which we used to launch the phone of the world's company, when this next leak and The expectations about the upcoming iPhone and certainly not the next time is much shorter.

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