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Eating on the seventh day – weight loss and weight loss by overweight


It contains nutrients from the skeleton and nutrition. The body will give you many health benefits, and the weakness of the bones and weight of the burden, the excessive dosage of excessive amounts of blood, stylecraze"He said.

Increase blood glucose levels

An apple contain carbohydrates, fiber, and other nutrients. Hence, the body's sugar content increases and your body weight increases.

Excessive eating of apple

Increase weight gain

Apple has calories and sugar, so if you take 5 medium sized apples in a day, you will get 3500 calories per week, meaning the weight is equal to one pound, so the apple is not useful for those who follow the low carbohydrate diet.

Heart disease

In addition to glucose that absorbs all cells of the body, fruktus is used only by the liver. In excess Apple produces fat known as liver triglycerides, which is heart disease, diabetes and obesity.

Apple damage

The seeds of apple are the side effects

Apple seeds are naturally vicious because they contain cyanide and apple seeds can harm human life to prevent digestive problems in digestive problems.

Strategic response

Excessive use of apple can cause allergies in some people. Diseases and ulcers produce some signs. In this case, allergic reactions should be consulted by the doctor before eating apples.

Apple is damaged 2

Headache and diarrhea

Generally, apple juice is a healthy drink, but it also has side effects that are used excessively, which can cause diarrhea, headache, dizziness, pressure, and artificial apple juice artificially formulated in the chemical composition of the sarbital. Calcium oxalate in the body.

Enamel for rough teeth

Apple Cider Vinegar is a natural supplement. There are many health benefits. But it reduces some side effects, such as excessive enalal teeth.

Weak bones

Excess apple cider vinegar can reduce blood potassium and lower bone density. This causes osteoporosis.

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