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Hollywood celebrities face mental health problems and enter clinic


The life of celebrities looks like a dream life, free of all anxiety or annoyance and full of luxury and luxury, but the fact is that life in the artistic community is full of stress and psychological challenges, which often lead to sending stars to the sanatorium of psychotherapy, Below we bring you Harper's Bazaar, The Richest and Nikki Swift Magazine on Mental Health Problems Mr. celebrities and entered the clinic:

Demi Lovato

American singer Demi Lovata revealed her struggle for mental illness and addiction. She entered a psychiatric clinic in 2010 at 18, and stayed in the hospital for three months, where she was diagnosed with bipolar and nervous humiliation.

Maria Carrey

In July 2001, Maria Carey's mother called the police and asked them to take the famous American singer to the hospital, as she suffered a severe emotional strike following a nervous breakdown. Maria was already transferred to the Silver Hill Mental Hospital in Connecticut.

Ashley Judd

In April 2006, actress Ashley Judd spent 47 days in a psychiatric center in Texas to treat depression, loneliness, and unhealthy relationships. At this time, Ashley revealed through her memoirs that she had suffered trauma, including adultery and abuse during her childhood.

Britney Spears

Like Maria Carrey, Britney Spear broke down in January 2008 and was kept in a clinic for two days to assess her mental health after she became insane and refused to leave her two children to her ex-husband, Kevin Federlin.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

In April 2011, British actress Catherine Zeta-Jones, suffering from lung cancer in stage IV, decided to attend a psychiatric clinic because of her stress and was diagnosed as bipolar.

West of Kanye

After several weird tweets and a nervous breakdown in public on Twitter, rapper Kanye West was admitted to psychotherapy in November 2016, and after his evaluation at the University of California Medical Center, doctors discovered he had put his drugs in for bipolar disorder.

Jim Carey

An American comedian was taken to a psychiatric hospital at an early age, at age 16, after trying to break his head in the wall, suffering from family problems.

Jean-Claude van Damme

After gaining a high level of fame in his film "Sudden Death," One Dam became a drug addict in 1996, and was admitted to a psychiatric hospital for treatment after reaching suicide.

Amanda Bynes

In 2014, an American actress entered a psychiatric clinic in California for 72 hours, after a frenzy of insanity and trying to burn herself with gasoline, she was diagnosed with schizophrenia.

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