Thursday , June 8 2023

Investigation in children's measles affected areas


Health, Population and Population in the Algerian Hospital revised the recent measles cases in the countries of the Algerian countries.
The Health Ministry's statement comes under the scope of a National Health Program which said that in some states, an expert inspection is undertaken to extend beyond the measurement measurement, and all steps have been taken to curb these cases.
The Ministry had asserted that Meissles is a health center. But there are complicated complications for the disease. The disease that can cause death, the possibility of infecting the disease is the immune system that represents the people.
Drugs will be given in the week before the fifth year. Drugs should be given and drugs should be given.
The Algerian media has reported reports of children's cases of child abuse in many states. This resulted in the deaths of three children in the state of Battna (in the Northeastern states).

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