Sunday , June 20 2021

It is the joy of fans of Ahlie's return to control the deal

The former manager of the club, Haitam Arabe, came back after Red Ford's dealings with some of the football players to play in the second leg in the Champions League. Morocco's Raja Casablanca was beaten 3-0 in the last Friday's rankings.

"Eurozone Port Arabia", the red tie-up to redress the stability of Obama's fans, restore stronger agreements, especially the rival rival Samalak, after many opposing deals.

Hitim Arabi was born on March 1, 1970 in Marathon, 1970. He studied America's parents and management when he was only 24 years old and had many experience in sports sites and media. Foreign relations with some European clubs.

Ahlie's delight came from Ahli's worshipers before the under secretary and overseas relations of the club at Mahli Raj Thackeray. His resignation has been withdrawn till October 10, 2015. From the red fort.

Along with Gawon Malik Awan, under the leadership of Gawon Malik Aivani, Al-Ahli has succeeded in signing several super-ayile contracts before giving traditional profits to Samalak in a strong fight with Al Ahli Tianjin to sell al-Ahly Tianjin to the South China team.

As manager of the club's contract manager, he is one of Haitom's most important contracts, after a clash with Syamak to face Siyamak with Huazi on Red defensive day, and he joined the Arabian team at a professional retreat in Ferdinand. West Bromwich is behind his work.

Special agreements signed by Hitim Arabi with Al Ahli met with strong opposition to John Anto Samalak of Ghana. However, a good player could not attend the Egyptian team as al-Ali. at this time

Salim Gomiya joined Al Ali after Al Qaeda's strongest game against Samalak to play a 7 million pound club.

The main battle between the two Poles, Ahli, Samalek, Ahmad Al Shaikh, Red and the Egyptians, signed two rounds and two poles. The Red Signal was signed before it was signed and the suspension was suspended from the Football Association.

Hamdi helped Al-Ahly to join Al-Etihad from Alexandria in Hammi Saki. A fierce struggle against a player who has a player who is free from free clients. However, in the absence of the player's participation, the Smaafa player is a player. .

Ram Rafia, Ahmed Faithia and Highaway Arabi returned to referee Kas, returning after a short life with Uma Salam following the defeat at Sporting Lisbon in Rafia.

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