Monday , July 26 2021

Mistakes made by diabetes during treatment

Mistakes made by diabetes during treatment

Professor Dr. Diabetes Treatment in Alexandria Mohammed Al-Bahawari said that there is a large number of mistakes in which the patient does not know of diabetes, due to which there is a lot of damage and there is the secret of complaints of the patients with pain or despite their commitment to the extent of treatment, there is no decline in sugar levels. .

In particular statements based on the annual awareness campaign for diabetes in Alexandria, "Bahawari" added that some patients deal with insulin, especially false mixing, which spoil the effect of treatment, and the most famous of these mistakes is to freeze the freezer even though it is still cooler than the active ingredient Corrupt, insulin turns a lot from it and does not expect it, because it is an active agent Path damage.

Bahau suggested that the correct way of taking an injection was by dividing the man in parallel lines into points, so that every time the person completes all the lines till he hits at different places, then another man and another arm is finished.

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