Monday , August 15 2022

MP Mohammed Sa'ad urged the society to be protected from the dangers of the media media


Thank you for reading about Mohammed Sadi, an MP for protecting the community from the dangers of media media

World Socialist Web Site Union Youth Forum seeks to raise awareness on how to develop a strategy on how to use internet and social media for the best use of social networking sites.

A member of the delegation of the Lake of the province and the way to social communication "Gulf 365" has become a means of dividing the Egyptian family into a strong division of Egyptian families that help us to take some steps to reduce the critical feelings of the Egyptians and protect the society. And broken up.

Several parliamentary committees demanded various social dialogue sessions in the presence of all ministries and government agencies regarding the social communication file. It has recently become an instrument to fight the state through electronic committees who attack state institutions. With him.

Thank you for reading the news about Mohammed Sadath's media. This is to protect you from the dangers of media media in the Gulf. The content of this topic may be written on the seventh day, fully transferred from it, quoted from it, and read the source from the link on the seventh day. The content of this news with the best wishes of Happy Day.

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