Friday , January 27 2023

Naked belly and open chest .. Halla Shiha shocked the audience with bold pictures


Returning to his retirement, the artist surprised his audience, after having a very bold filming session and wearing a niqab, inconsistent with it, where the pictures showed his belly naked, and a large part of his chest and legs, and the exciting photography conditions even before his retirement. Did not resort to it. General Chat Chat Lounge

Halla confirmed the start of the stormy week with family photos with her four children, and she was spotted wearing shiny jeans, while her daughters looked normal in the same pants and sports outlook, and her account on Instagram was sure to activate the blocking feature. Granted, although the pictures are not controversial, but it was later revealed that they were makeup Calculations from reactions to a photography session.

Hal was revealed all day by photographer Besso Hussain and wore his chest and foot pajamas and took pictures of the bedding in the bedroom, then in the afternoon and the third evening performed a photo session showing his elegance in clothes, surprisingly most of the pictures were unexpected. An hour is courteous to its audience and curtains its past history Evanum promised.

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