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News 24 15 15 Hair grows up, and something will surprise you


PictureIt is important to know their reasons for dealing with these cases as many people get sick. WebMD has published a number of reasons, some of which are either daily habits, or health, or psychological conditions, are unusual or unreasonable:

Iron deficiency

Iron helps keep iron healthy. There are many indications that the amount of iron in the body decreases, nail firing, yellowing, light skin, shortness of breath, general weakness and rapid heart rate.

Protein deficiency

It uses protein and insufficient body to keep as much as possible, including stopping hair growth. This procedure will be lost after 3 or 3 months. This effect can end in the daily diet of meat, eggs, fish, nuts and beans. This is the lack of proteins as a result of the basic problem.

3. Tension

Tension conditions may sometimes lead to immune system and make fibers. Muddle and anxiety can cause hair growth. Brush is more prone to hair.

Hair grows off

Hair loss, hair loss and mental retardation are the main causes of the disease. It is difficult for the patient to end this act. In some cases, a strong tendency of hair and eyebrows to grow.

5 – 30 diseases

In the brain, the hair loss falls on the symptom of thirty diseases, such as the polyestic ovarian syndrome and the ring ward. Headache is a symptom of mental illness, fatigue, and infection.

6 – Weight loss surgery

Generally, you can recommend a zinc supplement if your hair loss occurs, especially if you have some zinc levels in your body, and some folks lose after surgery.

Hair hard

Sometimes there is a hair style styling when the hair is falling on the bed. Use shampoo excessive use, brush, hair cut or dry with an extra towel.

8 – Hair Dryer & Drinks

Daily use of air dracers, flat ivy and valkanasers is easy to fade and hurricane. Hair also destroys the pigment, hair spray and chemicals that are scattered throughout the hair.


Smoking creates serious damage to the hair. This leads to falling and explosion of explosives. Cigarette smoke may cause toxic loss in the toxins. It prevents the hair from growing and hair on the head.

10 – Food subsidence

Health, hair loss, body infection and bureaucracy are the most essential nutrients in your body. Food dispensers specialist needs mental health and nutrition counseling.


You should review the side effects of frequently or regularly taking medications, and hair loss will be one of these effects. Includes blood vessels, acne medications, structural steroids, rheumatoid arthritis drugs, depression, gout, cardiac problems, high blood pressure.

12. Reproduction and Breastfeeding

Other periods of pregnancy usually retain the quality of hair during pregnancy, which is more intense, soft and fragrant. After birth, her mother loses her extra control over her pregnancy, because she begins to reduce the hormones. The baby can return from 3 to 6 months after the hair's cataracts.

13. Contraindications

Birth control with the use of hormones, such as oral uterus, implanters, vaccinations, lethal rings, and dementia, if it has a history of the family, can cause hair loss. The doctor can suggest a hormone option that will help you cure the disease.

14. Stop the abortion ban

Birth control by hormone contamination can lead to hair loss, but it can also stop. Several weeks or months can be monitored after disconnecting.

15. Menopause

The hormones of the transition in that period will increase their decay. Symptoms disappear after 6 months. However, if you notice a lifetime increase or hair loss or lose your hair in the crown of the head, consult a doctor.

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