Tuesday , February 7 2023

News 24 Video .. Saudi tribe married their daughters only with two real dowry


PictureBani Thabit's lineage in the province of Namaas is from the Asir region in the south of the state, it has traditions and customs of more than 300 decades, if he only marries his sons and daughters for two dowries.

In a report by the MBC, in which many members of Bani Thabit tribe said that this is a way to simplify and simplify the marriage between the sons and daughters of the tribe, it is a treaty between the villages of Bani Thabit al-Seit, which extends for more than 300 years.

They added that Spencerhood and divorce percentage in six-tribe villages are nominal, which is lowest in all the states of the state, and this legacy has a significant impact in members, strongly emphasizes that they would inherit the children legally.

The marriage facility between the members of this tribe has not stopped at this time, because the tribe has customs and traditions that facilitate a husband, such as a wedding ceremony and ceremony, and only one sheep are delivered.

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