Thursday , July 29 2021

Nissan's former president Carlos Ghosse denies charges against him

Carlos Ghos, former Philippine president, was arrested on Monday on suspicion of financial irregularities, he rejected charges against him, state radio and television reported on Tuesday.
The announcement did not disclose public statements after the emergency broke out, told investigators that they do not intend to hide their financial rest in tax returns, and after rejecting the allegations against them, the agency said without publishing information sources or other details.
In April, the agency was cited by former executive Greg Kelly, who was arrested with Ghosas in salary salaries, which included wages and bonuses, and other officials were told that proper payments were made.
Nissan removed both Ghos and Kelly on Thursday, and a well-known source said that the automaker has a target to select a new chairman within a month or two and is considering finalizing it before its next board meeting on December 20.
Prosecutors say that Ghosn and Kelly have declared a half-a-quarter ($ 88 million) of financial benefits, which have been receiving Ghos in 2010 from five years in April. The company has also mentioned some other irregularities.

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