Friday , January 28 2022

Prince Faisal Bin Misal is visiting two cave shrines of Cassiodin Khasim


Two holy mosques will be prepared to prepare and prepare for the visit of Prime Minister Salman bin Abdul Aziz Saud and his Royal Princess Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdul Aziz. Faisal bin Masshal bin Saud bin Abdul Aziz praised. He said that the Prime Minister and Defense Minister will keep them in the Qassim region. Government and security agencies, the committees in the emirate of the region have supported and supported the co-ordination of this supportive country. It helps to achieve high self-esteem and successful in all loyalty to support their religious harmony, religious and personal belongings and services.

He said: "First of all to say thank you to God. Nandiyarppiccukeant to all of us, blessed the efforts of this post, the custodian of the two holy mosque, a visit to the obtaining of this great victory, God protect them, phallalla the backbone of efforts, his greatness, his superiority to all of us to face the challenges He pointed out that the resort being a blessing, thanks to Government in their effort to inform the Security boards of committees, he asked God to protect our leadership and our favorite matrrajyatte. The country's security, safety, security, stability, development and lasting Performing Service Qasmiya as the government sector, private sector demand.

Two Holy Mosques Prime Minister Salman Bin Abdul Aziz Saud, Prince of the Uniforms Palace in Burdaida were also present at the occasion. The Chinese Movement and the people of the Khasim region also attended the ceremony. Amir Ibrahim al-Hathlei, district police chief Major General Bader Al Talib, directors, government and security agencies, including Additional Chief Executive Dr Abdul Rahman Al Daoud.

Crown Prince of Crown, and the activities that led to God's success in achieving this victory during the visit of the Holy Quran, followed by directors, partnerships, interventions, and many other government and security agencies, as well as work and organizational councils and organizers.

At the end of the ceremony, Aamir honored businessmen, government, security firms and working committees.

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