Friday , June 18 2021

Prince of Khasim honors Kings

Citizen – SPA

Prince Faisal bin Masshal bin Saud bin Abdul Aziz praised the efforts of the custodians of the monastery of Salman bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdul Aziz.

Al Qasim said that the government, security agencies, and security agencies were willing to accept the leader of this blessed country. Their presence reflects a great, honorable image of all the sons and daughters of the region and expressing their confidence they share in their loyalty and loyalty. .
He said, "Praise to the Almighty God, Almighty God, to accomplish this blessed effort by commemorating us with the blessed efforts of two holy mosques and crown prince's custodians.

Phadlalla to cope with the challenges and, in the end, he thanked God, and security adhikrtareyum, kam'mirrikaleyum to protect our beloved country, blessings, he cuntikkatti.nam'mute successful, this will not notify all of the gains and leadership, this cooperation will continue and continue coordination of integration is done for the winning team ASEAN. In this country it demands an almighty person who blesses security, security, stability and continuity.

Salman Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, Director of Khusaim University Dr. Abdul Rahman Al Daoud, the undersecretary of the emirate in the province, Dr. Abdul Rahman Al Wasan, Prince of Al Thaahid Palace in Burdaida, under the commander of the security department Ibrahim al-Hatli, district police chief Major General Badr al-Talib, the directors and committees of the government and security officials.

The committee chairman, government officials, security agencies and directors participated in discussing the success of God's success, creation of challenging challenges and activities in winning the success of the two holy mosques custodian. He led many ceremonies.
At the end of the ceremony, Aamir honored businessmen, government, security firms and working committees.