The recommendations made by the Health Committee in the annual report of the SHDA were approved by the Shuara Council. Income, expenditure, investment programs, studies, and a summary of the research results, in addition to establishing a royal management measures adopted by the Commission, to implement the control system ulpadanakutumbannalkk food products, nutrition and fitness centers to distribute, manage, sell, and occasionally the effectiveness of domestic medical equipment pariseadhikkuna A system and the formation of a blast, elderly and those with special requirements for medical electrical devices for testing the effectiveness of medical devices are directed to report the bad and the creation of a system that is required to activate the system. .

Shooera dr. The Financial Committee report of the Financial Committee also discussed the annual report of the Capital Mark Authority for the 381439 Financial Year under the Chairman. Its recommendations, including calling for development of required regulatory requirements in Real Estate Investment Funds (REIT), will not guarantee investors compensation for assets and properties. The finance ministry has asked the company to disclose 5% or more of its listed companies in the financial market and accept Zad Zidane. Advantages of Ahmad Al Ghamdi's implementation, especially about the disclosure, are a few of the companies listed on the market.

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