Friday , February 26 2021

Russia buys $ 3.5 billion a month

Russia buys $ 3.5 billion gold in Russia The Artibian and Russia buy gold for $ 3.5 billion a month. Russia purchases gold worth nearly $ 3.5 billion a month.

In Britain, Russia recently increased gold prices and increased its $ 3.5 billion metal collection in October.

The Central Bank of Russia last month hiked the gold reserves to $ 81.055 billion from $ 77.491 billion.

Since the beginning of this year, Russia has purchased $ 4.408 billion of gold, followed by gold investments in January at 76.647 billion dollars.

According to the Russian Central Bank, the reserves of gold in May last year was $ 81.146 billion.

In November, World Gold Council data was developed by countries such as Russia, Beijing, Japan, Switzerland and UK with 2036.2 tonnes of gold.

Russia's reserves are 16.9%. In the previous year, it was $ 459.563 billion. This is a 6.19% increase over the previous year.

Russia has now prohibited withdrawing investments from US treasuries on Washington's policy of banning Moscow.

Source: Agencies

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Source: RT Arabic (Russia Today)

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