Saturday , July 2 2022

See the communication between a robot and a girl in Misk Global Forum


Citizen – Riyadh

Inspired by the new, Musk Global also has more than 5000 partners from over 80 days of countries.

One of the musk mobs today is the communication between a robot and a girl, and they talk to each other about the ability of the robot to understand the feelings of man.

MESC forum in Riyadh opened in the third edition of Future Skills. Thousands of young leaders, executives, industrialists, government and private sector officials participated in the participation of prominent international speaker, international partners and representatives of international youth organizations.

This year, Forum will focus on three key topics: "Developing Persons" to recognize the most important skills to succeed in the future economy, "to adapt to the mutual partnership between human and machine", strengthening human collaboration, establishing a definitive relationship between the two parties, One of the most important tools in doing so requires the development of social experts.

Within two days, 60 sessions will be held from 9 am to 5 pm. Format, encouragement, collaboration, experience, listening to advanced knowledge, preparing for future, experimental studies, thinking trends, and developing global community community.

The MESC Global Forum focuses on five major skill development programs.

The MASC Global Forum focuses on developing five main skill: creative intelligence, social intelligence, criticism, decision making, adaptation and flexibility, hands-on and self-direction.

It will concentrate on the development and the forums of the four experiences: cooperation, motivation, challenge and experience.

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