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"Series with share pane" on MBC 1 – Presentation and Return dates

News – "Series with share pane" on MBC 1 – Presentation and Return dates
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Date: Saturday, November 24,

MBC 1 MBC begins with a pen share in the Kuwaiti drama series, which is starring the legendary artist Haat al-Fahad on November 25, 2018.

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Serial broadcast in KSA time (+3 GMT) in the following times

Display: 18.00 (6pm)
First Replay: 2.00 (second after midnight)
Second Replay: 7.30pm (7:30 am)
Third Replay: 14:00 (14:00)

Team category with share pane

The series starring in this series: Haqat al-Fahad – Mohammed Jabar – Zahra al Kharji – Basam Abdul Amir – Mashari Balam – Yakub Abdullah – Abir Ahmed – Hussein Al Mahdi – Shaban Abbas – Abdullah Al Talihi – Foss Shatti – Noor Dhandar – Shahad Al Kandari – Yasah – Raza Al Ali – Suad Hussaini – Elham Ali – Nadia Karam.

Author: Ali Dohan

Production: Technical group.

Output: Manaf Abdul

The idea of ​​pen sharing and story series summary

Spins Working in a social mold and telling the story of «share», he forgets that he always documents everything he has made in his life, or a real paper recording to listen to or listen to the resulting position of comedy or drama , Which is exposed to the real disaster. End of Work

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